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Spring 2023 Seminar at Colonial Williamsburg

Join the Idea of America Network for an interactive, on-site Seminar April 4, 5, 6, and 7 at Colonial Williamsburg. The Idea of America framework views U.S. history as an enduring "Great Debate." Presented in association with Colonial Williamsburg, we will dive deeply into Our Values, Our Legacy and Our Future as explored in a book written by John Oliver Wilson. How do we balance the values Americans share: law and ethics, freedom and equality, unity and diversity, commonwealth and private wealth? The Idea of America Seminar explores how these values have shaped our American identity and how you can apply them to the fundamental issues facing our nation today.Gather with other engaged citizens for this enlightened and entertaining event. You will stay in the historical Brick House Tavern housing, eat in historic inns, walk historic streets, and engage with historical interpreters.

The program includes:


$916 for single occupancy and $1,000 for double occupancy.

To register:

Call: 1-800-223-1858
Colonial Williamsburg
Foundation Reservations
PO Box 1776
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Questions and More Information:

Please call:
Kevin Martin,
Associate Director,
Idea of America at


Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in Williamsburg.


October 2022

Latinex Forum

The Latinx Forum on Democracy, Migration, Health "&" Wellbeing
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2022 | 8:30AM–5:00PM
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2022 | 8:30AM–NOON

Full Announcment

September 2022

Williamsburg Event

Williamsburg Event


As Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia after completing work on the new U.S. Constitution, a woman purportedly asked him what their work gave us. Franklin responded: “A republic if you can keep it.” Question: Can we keep it in today’s polarized political and social environment?

That is the issue we will gather to discuss and debate in a special program at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia September 13th to 16th. It is a program done under the auspices of Idea of America Network and endorsed by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Gather with other engaged citizens for this enlightened and entertaining event. Stay in historical housing, eat in historic inns, walk historic streets, meet historical interpreters in Colonial Williamsburg, the largest historical living museum in the nation. And then meet to dialogue on what it means to be an American in today’s world. Total cost including housing for three nights, breakfasts and admission tickets is only $723 for two. A bargain!
Contact: Kevin Martin, Associate Director of Idea of America Network, email: kmartsr@aol.com or phone (610) 223-1858.

June 2022


Dr. Wilson's book "The Idea of America" inspirated this new play.

J. C. Steele’s latest play

Principia Play

This play will premiere at the Davis Theatre on the Principia College campus on June 2, 3, and 4, 2022.

Click here for more information.

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