what actions their characters make in the given scenario, while the game moderator narrates what occurs in response to the actions of the characters. This pattern continues until a proper resolution to the story’s conflict is met.

Whenever a character, controlled by a player, makes an action that attempts to overcome challenge, the success or failure of the character is determined through the player rolling dice. The player roles an amount of dice corresponding to one of their character’s corresponding talents. If the rolling of the dice results in at least one six becoming rolled, the action is a success. Otherwise the action is a failure and the game moderator determines the failed action’s negative repercussions.

Example: A player wishes to have their character pickup and push a heavy rock out of a doorway, so that the character may pass through the doorway. This action requires physical prowess and is thus linked to the strength talent. The player’s character sheet has three boxes filled in next to the strength talent. So, the player will roll three dice. The player rolls a three, a two, and a six. Because a six was rolled, the action is a success and the character manages to move the heavy rock away from the doorway.

Whenever a player makes an action that expresses one of the American values, they may check a diamond near the corresponding value section within their character sheet. If they do so, then they are rewarded by filling in an empty box within the talent section of the character sheet. This rule is designed to encourage players to express American values.

Ending the Game

As previously stated, the game is played through the game moderator’s narration of the story, and the players interact with the story through choosing their character’s responses to the events within the narration. The story that becomes told throughout the game should follow a classic story arc that includes rising and falling action caused by a central conflict. The game can only properly finish when either the characters find a proper resolution to the conflict at hand, or the characters are overcome by the challenges presented by the conflict and fail. The latter option is generally to be avoided as it may not form a satisfying experience for the players. Once the conflict finds an ending, the game moderator should narrate the results of the story for each character. Once this is done, the game has concluded

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