The Magazine Episode
Quick Guide

Setting Up the Game

The Magazine Episode is designed to be played by a minimum of three people with a maximum of seven.

One person is assigned as the game moderator. The game moderator is in charge of being a storyteller who creates the game’s setting, and also acts as a referee who makes sure that the rules of the game are understood. The game moderator should have the game script on hand as a story guide. All other participants are deemed players.

The players each select a character sheet to use. Character Sheets represent a character within the game's story which a player is able to use to interact within the game world. Character sheets contain the characters name, descriptors, bond, talents, values, and inventory. An example of a character sheet can be found at the end of this guide

Descriptors help the players understand their chosen character's behavior. Bonds tie characters into the game’s plot by giving the character clear motivation to partake within the story’s conflict. Talents determine a character’s capabilities and can be improved throughout the game. The Values section allows for the player to demonstrate American values through their character and are awarded by doing so with the opportunity to improve the character's talents. The Inventory section is used to keep track of what items a character may have upon their person.

Once the Players have a character sheet with dice and a writing utensil, the game moderator has the game's script with a writing utensil, and everyone has knowledge of the game rules, then the game is ready to begin.

Playing the Game

Unlike many other types of games, role-playing games are rarely competitive. The goal of a role-playing game is for a group of individuals to collaborate with one another in order to create and experience a story. The Magazine Episode aims to allow players to partake in a story of turmoil in Williamsburg while also learning about core American values through character expression.

The game begins with the game moderator beginning the first act of story collaboration through narration of the setting and introduction of the event that acts as a catalyst for the stories central conflict. After the initial narration, the game plays out in a rhythm. The players announce

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