School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley

The School of Social Welfare Presents the Inaugural Annual Forum on Social Justice


October 13-14, 2022
International House UC Berkeley Campus


"The overarching goal of the School of Social Welfare's Annual Forum on Social Justice is to advance social justice in ways informed by and resulting in research, public policy, and practice that advances a more equitable democracy given the fundamental relationship between health and economic viality for all members of society."

"The purpose of this inaugural forum is to elevate Latinx scholarship on the UC Berkeley campus by featuring impactful scholars, related professionals, and colleagues, commited to lifting Latinx social positionality and wellbeing."

"This inaugural Forum officially brands a major signature event for UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare, made possible by the generosity of John O. Wilson and Beclee Newcomer Wilson MSW '90, long time supporters of the School of Social Welfare, and members of the Dean's Alumni Advisory Board that have committed to one of the largest planned gifts in the school's history to promote social justice through the School and UC Berkeley. They are proud to include this forum as part of their legacy." -- Dean Linda Burton

Note: The focus and agenda for the next annual forum for the fall of 2023 is now being developed. It will relate to the general issues of the ongoing class warfare in our society and nation, class warfare that pits one social class against another, that breeds social and political gridlock in our nation, and that fuels racism and sexism in our society. We view this as a major threat to the future of our Democracy and Nation.

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