The Idea of America Seminars

On-Site in Williamsburg, Spring and Fall of 2019

DiscussionA special invitation to explore our values, our legacy, our future. It was in Williamsburg, Virginia, that our nation's values were first given voice and debated. Since then, millions have visited the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg to hear the words and walk in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Washington, as well as many lesser known figures who also built our nation-- the enslaved preacher Gowan Pamphlet, the patriot printer Clementina Rind, and the teacher of African American children Ann Wager, to name just a few.

For those who want to delve more deeply into our founding values, Colonial Williamsburg is now offering tow special seminars. Here we will examine how our values shaped our nation not only when it was founded but throughout history.

We look at history as a continuing debate a debate about how we balance the values Americans hold sacred law and ethics, freedom and equality, unity and diversity, private wealth and common wealth. The Idea of America seminars provide a framework to equip citizens to analyze current issues in the context of our shared values an to appreciate – and instill in others an appreciation of – the privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship.

Our on-site seminars include:

Now more than ever, we must ensure what Lincoln succinctly called “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Where better to do so than at the place so many of our founders called home?

Sessions will take place on-site in Williamsburg on:

Per Person Cost: $1,400 for a single occupancy room / $1,200 for a double-occupancy room / $500 for spouse not participating in the seminar. Price includes three nights lodging in the unique Colonial Houses, opening night reception and dinner at the Williamsburg Lodge, three Lodge breakfasts, tow tavern dinners, and a length-of-stay Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket. An $800 per person option is available for commuters and does not include a hotel room or breakfasts.

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